Selasa, 31 Mei 2016

Education to build a better future

Hi! I’m Tiara Noviany. Now I lived at Bandung, but before that I lived at Timika, Surabaya, Palembang. Let’s talk about education. Education are different at every towns. Well let’s be honest. When I lived at Timika, there are many children who were so lazy, which made me one of them, why? It was actually because of their own teacher. In Timika, even the teacher told us to see the answer sheet, and then they just gone. But maybe It’s not happen at every schools n Timika, I bet there are some teachers which is good. How can  said that? I took an english course there, near my house. They had two good teacher. The teacher was grumpy and looked cruel, but actually that was the thing that could made the students study well and became great at english . Well I didn’t realized it when I was little, on that time, I only think that they’re just some cruel teacher. Then I moved to  Surabaya, It was hard to fit in, because all of them were so diligent and compete each other. Education at Surabaya are very good, and same as in Palembang and also Bandung.

Education is a process of learning, to get knowledge, to become a smart people, for a smart world. We can get education from everywhere, for example we get the education from what our teachers teach us, from books, from the internet, etc. Education is a very important for us, for our future. For example, our teachers teach us about mathematics, It was very important for our life, so if we buy something, the seller can't lie to us about the price or the change because we can know it wheter they lie to us

Education in our country have some problems, for example the problem caused by poverty. Poverty makes many children can't attend the school. The government had made a program, It was for helping us so we don’t have to pay too much for attend the school, It was called “Dana Boss”. But still, there are some people who cheated, they used the money for themselves.

I think, this must be stopped. They who cheated should be punished, but real one, so they won’t do it again. I think the government had to tighten the rules of that “Dana BOSS”.

That’s all from me, I’m terribly sorry if there are some words that offend someone, well you can just tell me right away. Thank’s for reading!

Selasa, 10 Mei 2016

A Trip to Cangkuang Temple and Dragon Village

Yesterday, my classmates, some teachers. and I, went to visit Dragon Village. We gathered first at the school. We went there by bus, a travel bus. In the bus, the man of the traveler gave us McD for breakfast, and some music but we didn't like the song, because the genre is dangdut ): , so, we used Gatra's phone.We sang a song together, but as the time goes, we fell asleep. It took about 2 hours, then the man of the traveler wake us up. Before we came to Dragon Village, we visited Cangkuang Temple first.  located in Kampung Pulo village, Cangkuang, Kecamatan Leles, Garut RegencyWest JavaIndonesia.We have to across the lake which is called Situ Cangkuang to get to the Cangkuang Temple. We used the canoe to across the lake. When we arrived there, there was a man from there who tell us about the Temple, the grave, the history of them all, and how to make a tradisional paper from Cangkuang tree. The temple is one among the few Hindu-Buddhist temples ever discovered in West Java region, other temples includes Batujaya and Bojongmenje temple. The temple's name cangkuang, was derived from Sundanese native name for pandan tree found grown around the temple in Kampung Pulo island. The temple was made from andesite stones, the temple's base measures 4.5 x 4.5 meters and 8.5 meters tall. The temples faces east, on the east side there is a flight of stairs leading to the portal and a small main room.  Inside the main room there is a small 62 cm tall stone statue of Shiva.The architectural style is similar to those of early Central Javanese Hindu temples. Three meters to the south from the temple there is an ancient Islamic tomb of Embah Dalem Arief Muhammad, believed to be the community elders of Cangkuang village during the Islamization of local Sundanese people in 17th-century. But actually, the one thing I like there, is the scenic view when we across the lake.
Then we continued the trip to Dragon Village. We 

Minggu, 08 Mei 2016

Museum Geologi

    Hey It’s me again. Now, I want to tell you about my experience go to Geologi Museum, well It was my first time. I go there with all of my classmates The museum is divided into three exhibitions, Geology of Indonesia in the West wing, History of life in the East wing and Geology for human life on the top floor. The museum has a large collection of fossils, of which about 6000 are on display and the other 250.000 are kept in a safe. The research department is still very much active and next to documentation, and exhibition, geologists specialising in fosils, stones, minerals and volcanoes reside in the top floor.

     The most interesting part is the West wing, where the evolution of human life is explained in both Bahasa Indonesia as English, with colourful posters and ‘lo and behold', a very nice collection of life size dinosaur replicas, intermingled with some real fosils of giant land turtles, hippo's and other creatures you wouldn't want to run into today. In the far corner a selection of skulls can be found, amongst which a replica of the popular ‘Java man'. 

        Another very educational and interesting part is the volcano section in the East wing, with explanations on formation and working of these in Indonesia abundantgunung api, literally: ‘fire mountains'.
     The museum is very popular amongst school classes, thats why when me and my friends visited there, there was so many students go there. Unfortunately only the West wing about the evolution of human life has English explanations, but there are some English and French speaking guides available, and for intricate questions the resident geologists will be happy to discuss matters indepth. Here are some photos of me and my friends when we visited the museum.