Kamis, 17 Desember 2015

Where Visits In Bandung

          Hi guys! If you are among those who love skating on ice rink or you guys want to try how to skate on the ice, there are no ice skating rink that can satisfy your hobby, I recommend you to visit this ice skating rink named Gardenice where can be found in Paris Van Java, on the sky level No. 8. Jl. Sukajadi No. 131-139, Sukajadi,  Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat. The phone number is (022) 82063727 .
          This Gardenice operate everyday. Well, about the schedule, On Sunday to Thursday, you can start playing at  10.00 AM to 10.00 PM. While on Friday, Saturday, and holidays, you can play longer until 12.00 PM.  Note also the visiting hour because there are three times schedule rest and ice coated everyday, which at 01.00 PM, 04.00 PM, and 07.00 PM.
To be able to skate in Gardenice, you need to pay for the cost, It’s Rp 60.000 on weekdays( one full day) and Rp 75.000 at weekends(one full day). If you wish to become a member Gardenice, here is a wide selecting of other attractive price packages offered.
During skating, you will be accompanied by the songs of choice. Having tired of skating, you can go to the park and outdoor cafe that was built next to the ice skating rink. Delicious dish you can order three will restore your energy again.
With additional facilities free hotspot , you need not ’die’ when resting or waiting for friends who were having fun with ice skating. In addition, you are not able to ice skate can also take a course here. It's a very wonderful place, so come and visit!

A Trip To Dufan
            Hi everybody! I would like to tell you about a trip to Dufan with my new classmates, all of social students in SMAN 3 Bandung and the teachers. Well, actually this is not a holiday, this is just to fulfil our task and also finding happiness.
            My friends said that our trip was expensive, The cost for  1 person were  Rp 400.000 for the Dufan’s ticket, the bus, foods and snack, the tour leader, etc.
            We went to Dufan on 26th October 2015. As usual, first, we gathered at SMAN 3 Bandung at 5.30 AM. Then, we started our trip at about 6.00 AM. We went there by bus. On the bus, I sat with Ambria, my new chairmate now, she’s very kind. On that time, I was a new student  at Social Class. After about 1 hour on the way, we stopped at rest area to buy some food or snack and went to the toilet. Our trip was very pleasent, we sang together, the tour guide turned on the music and he kept telling us jokes. Then, everyone got a box of snack and waters.
            We arrived at Dufan after spend about 4 hours on the way. The condition at Dufan was very crowded, and the weather was super hot. At first, we were gathered, but then some people were dispersed their self. I was with Ambria, Anin, Faza, Oi, Rafif, Faris, Ismi, Intan, Adi, and Preston. First we rode Hysteria, in this ride, you sit and are taken very high up a large column, then the ride drops you as if you were falling down fast. It was so fun and worth a try, and I felt like I left my heart down there.. Then, we rode Kora-Kora, this ride is a giant ship that swings to and from, up and down, as you are taken high up, and the swing changes direction, you are bound to feel weightlessness. It was also fun. We had a ticket for foods, so, we ate at Mcd. After that, we tried Ontang Anting, I felt so dizzy on that time. It looks like Ontang Anting was the favourite ride for Oi, because when we rode it, Oi was opened up his hand like he was a free human haha, he was also asked us to rode it again but our head was still spinning. Oi, Anin, Preston, and Faza rode Tornado, the queue was very long, but me, Ambria, Ismi, and the others was just sat and waited for them, and also took some photos and videos of them. It was the most scaried arena. When Oi and the others got back from Tornado, their face looked pale. So we dicided to rode Istana Boneka for the reflexing, we took some photos there, It was so cute there. And then, we rode Halilitar. It  was very scary, and It was also a rough ride. After that, we rode Pontang Panting, I sat with Anin on that time, It was so cool.

 We prayed first. We wanted to ride Niagara and Arung Jeram, but those was closed on that time. So, we dicided to choose Rumah Miring, but, Ambria and I got back because we felt sick. Then, we bought some flavoured drinks to make us feel better. Ater that, we did our tasks first, then we continued. So, me, Ambria, Faza, Adi, and Jamil choosed Ice Age, the queue was super duper long. Actually, we didn’t have enough time to rode it, but still, we wanted It. So we entered the arena, and It was so coldand blue, the theme was like Antartica. It was sos fun, we rode a shord roller coaster, but there was water under the rode, so It was like a short niagara in a huge room and It was so fun and we got wet!
            Our adventured must be end. We went to parking area immediately because the time showed 06.00 PM. On the way, most of us slept because of tired. We stopped again in rest area to buy some foods, snacks, to pray, and went to the toilet. After that we continued to go home. We arrived in Bandung at about 12.30 PM. All of us felt tired, fun, and also satisfied.

Senin, 30 November 2015

Compliment Dialogue

Tiara: Faris! My friends told me that you’ve won a German Competition, is it true?
Faris: Yeah It’s true
Tiara: Wow! You’re so smart! Congratulation Faris! I’m so proud of you, we’re
Faris: Thanks Tiara!
Tiara: Your welcome Faris. Hmm, can I ask you a question? Is there any tips to be like you
Faris: Hmm, I think you just have to study hard and focus.
Tiara: Your hard work pays Faris! Thanks for the tips, good bye!

Faris: Bye!
My New Friend

Hey guys!
      I will tell you about my new friend, her name is Khairunnisa, she’s pretty, she wears veil, she’s kind, and smart! She lived at Cipaera street near Kosambi. She was born in Bogor, 20 May 2001. She has two siblings. She likes to listen to the music. Her favorite subject is English. She hopes to have more resting time, less homework, and that she only has to go to school for five days a week.

      I think that’s all, thank you!
Self Introduction

     Hi guys! I’m Tiara Noviany Talia Saidi, you can call me anything because I have many nickname.  My friends usually call me Tiara, Tir, Titi, Tira, Tia, Rara, Tinov, Via, Pia, and Bapia-_-. But, my family usually call me Kati. I was born at Bandung, 21 November 2000. So, now I’m 15 years old. I lived at Komplek Adipura Jl.Adikana no 7 several years ago, but it is rented for a while, until my father come to live and work in Bandung again.
     My father’s name is Taufik Hardiatna Saidi, he works at Bank Mandiri. My mother’s name is Yuyun Yulia, she’s a housewife. I have a sister, her name is Clara Febriany Talia Saidi, she’s a collegian now at UNPAD University.
     About my life, I was a nomadic haha can you imagine that? It happened  when I was on the first grade of elementary school, so here’s the story.. I was graduated from TK Dewi Sartika, my mom registered me to SD Assalam, but it was just for a moment, my father had to move to Timika so we followed him. I studied at SD Yapis Timika, Papua. We lived at Timika for 3 years. Then we moved to Surabaya, we lived at Surabaya for 2 years. After that, we moved again to Palembang. My father is still at Palembang until now.Well, I only lived at Palembang for 2 years before I moved to Bandung when I was on the third grade of junior high school. I went to SMPN 2 Bandung, and now I go to SMAN 3 Bandung and I’m so proud of it!
     I have so many hobbies, they’re drawing, singing(seems like everybody loves to sing haha), playing guitar, and also watching movies! Okay now, let me explain some of my hobbies. On drawing, my favorite is to draw a girl, and animals. Whenever I draw something, It makes me feel comfortable and don’t want to stop drawing even when It’s already done, maybe that’s what makes me love to draw. About playing guitar, I’m still a very very beginner, I like to play it because I can sing and play the guitar at the same time and It can make me feel relieved because I can express myself on it. I like to watch movies because my father likes it too, about the movies, what I like the most is princesses or barbie themed movies(I still like to watch in until now and still collecting the movies because I’m addicted to it hehe sorry if it sounds strange), but me and my father likes action genre.

       Well, I think that’s all from me, thanks for reading it! (: